Quality and accessible whole of life care.

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Culturally appropriate care and support today for

Children and Young People

We recognise the strength of creating a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment for the whole family and strive to help foster healthy habits in our youngest community members.

Women, Men and Families

We offer care and support to individuals their families and their friends who are experiencing difficulties to improve not only their future, but also create safer and more cohesive communities.

Elders and Disabilities

Our Elders and First People with disabilities deserve high quality care and inclusive support to stay independent, keep healthy and be part of our community for as long as possible.

We are a leading provider of community-controlled, whole of life services that support, honour and respect First Nations People.

Rumbalara is committed to strengthening connections to Country, culture, and community through opportunities to belong and receive quality health and wellbeing support.


We promote health in the community, preventing disease before it occurs and reducing harm to ensure long and meaningful lives.


It is not just the physical wellbeing of the individual but the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of the whole community.


Family provides the emotional strength and spirit for people who strive to maintain strong identity while adapting to change.


Culture defines who we are, how we think, how we communicate, what we value and what is important to us.


We develop ways and means to care for each other, to nurture the talents and leadership that enhance the quality of life.


Through nurturing the spirit, the emotional and physical wellbeing and cultural identity of individuals and families.

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