Who we are

Rumbalara is the heart of our community. We are a place of gathering where our people can connect with family and friends. A place of congregation, respite, yarning, culture, and healing.

New Rumbalara Helth building official opening

Shepparton News on 23/05/2012   CAPTION:   The MRP dancers from Mooroopna Secondary College perform at yesterday's opening of the new Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative health services building.

We are a leading provider of community-controlled whole of life services that support, honour and respect First Nations people. Rumbalara is committed to strengthening connections to Country, culture, and community through opportunities to belong and receive quality health and wellbeing support.

We lead by example as a community-controlled organisation that models wellness to ensure longer and meaningful lives for First Nations people. We embrace long-term success with our partners, to improve the quality and standard of living for our people, our way.

Our vision

A strong and thriving community where health, wellbeing, family, culture, community and connection are at the heart of everything we do.

Our values


We are focused on promoting health in the community, preventing disease before it occurs and reducing harm to ensure long and meaningful lives. Our holistic programs and services accessed by First Nations people must always be inclusive, respectful, responsive and relevant, and informed by evidence-based and culturally safe practices.


Wellbeing is about balance in all aspects in life. It is not just the physical wellbeing of the individual but the social, emotional, and cultural wellbeing of the whole community. We aim to achieve the state where every individual can achieve their full potential as human beings and thus bring about the total wellbeing of their communities.


Family provides the emotional strength and spirit for people who strive to maintain strong identity while adapting to changing, often difficult environments. Keeping everyone safe and well for the long term can only be done in partnership through the capacity and strength of individuals and our community.


Culture underpins all aspects of our identity including connections to family and community, connection to Country, the expression of values, symbols, cultural practices, and traditional and contemporary forms of cultural expression such as language, ceremonies, cultural events, storytelling, dance, music and art.



Together we have the means to care for each other, to nurture the talents and leadership that enhance the quality of life. We must provide a safe, nurturing, and positive environment where people are comfortable with being themselves, expressing their culture, their spiritual and belief systems, and they are supported by their friends and family.


Nurturing the spirit, the emotional and physical wellbeing and cultural identity of individuals and families, will help in building a strong and resilient community. We must promote enduring relationships and collectively look after our children, supporting and maintaining their emotional health, safety and development over their lifespan.

Our impact

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Our history

The area known as Rumbalara has a traditional history dating back many thousands of years. The contemporary history of Rumbalara began on the river flats between Shepparton and Mooroopna in the 1940s after the Cummeragunja Walk-Off

The Co-operative was established by the community in 1980 to be a place where our people could meet for cultural and social activities, provide education and information, while providing support in areas of special need such as health, housing, welfare and culture.