With an annual budget of $19m and a workforce of approximately 230 people, Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative (RAC) Limited is a significant employer and economic contributor to the Goulburn Valley region and plays a high profile leadership role as one of the leading Aboriginal organisations in Australia.

We actively work to ensure that Rumbalara is a place where community comes together to work towards shared goals for the benefit of everyone. In order to do that we have to build trust through communication and a willingness to work at developing shared understandings.

We enjoy the strength and pride that comes with being able to make decisions that will change our lives without needing permission or funding from Government.

We ensure that we keep a strong link to our culture and our history and use this strength to invest in our future leaders so that they can take their place in building the future of our community.

Our strategic intent

Rumbalara is committed to strengthening connections to Country, culture, and community through opportunities to belong and receive quality health and wellbeing support.

This plan outlines how we intend on delivering our strategic intent.

Our board


Greg James

Vice Chairperson

Eric Egan

Board Member

Ruben Baksh

Board Member

Jane Britten

Board Member

Marie Barbance

Board Member

Pam Peterson

Board Member

Robert Britten

Our group executive

Chief Executive Officer

Felicia Dean

Chief Operating Officer

Laurie Sevil

Health & Wellbeing

Shannon Drake

People & culture

Neil Maher

Elders Facility

David Shipston

Engagement & Family services

Susan Williams


George Marin

Positive aging & disability

Aaron Chambers

Justice and Community services

Liz Latorre