Engagement and Family Services Update – May 2021

Our Engagement and Family Services Executive Manager, Susan Williams, has an update on this service area.

The Nangarna Homework Club that is held at the Mooroopna site was holding their first family event for this year’s calendar. The students have, now attended a Full Term 1 while also attending school on regular bases, we were holding an Easter event for the students and their other family members could enjoy.

Parents and carers came in abundance, as we have been all effected from the lock downs around the COVID-19 effects. People were defiantly excited about the gathering.

The student from the Nangarna Homework club had prepared Easter baskets, dyed boiled eggs and Rabbit Ears. They had these activities also held on the day with cookie decorations that the older students prepared. Egg and spoon races, and of course Toss the Egg for all ages took place. With a deadly feed that was cooked by our awesome families that were with them to enjoy the fun of their children. We were all surprised to see that the Easter Bunny had made an appearance and handed out some yummy treats. You only have to look at the faces of the young children how egg-cited they really were on this lovely afternoon.

We will be holding more events and days for the families to come in to have a look at the Nangarna Homework Club more in the future. But there are also significant dates that are also coming up that families should be able to attend in the community also.

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