CEO update – May 2021

Our Chief Executive Officer, Felicia Dean, has an update on the organisation.

Hi all,

We are slowly returning back to our business operations and service delivery pre COVID-19.

Whilst the global pandemic does continue around us, we are constantly adjusting our planning as required and trying to balance and support staff back into the workplace.

Our staff have coped reasonably well and as an organisation we have learnt much about our ability to continue to deliver services within restrictions, we have also learnt to more flexible in our policies around working from home, with supported work plans and supporting family friendly work practises. These have been good outcomes from this experience.

Your organisation continues to grow despite the pandemic and we will soon launch a number of new and exciting projects and services/programs, including the Starrit Road Farm Project, and the Women’s and Children’s Crisis Accommodation Centre, and our new website.  Our staffing numbers continue to grow and there are lots of new positions and vacancies across the organisation.

So, if you are looking for work or wanting a change please check out our FB page, Seek and the local paper for our advertised vacancies.

RAC recently held 2 AGM’s for the financial years 18/19 and 19/20. Please keep in mind these AGM’s were for financial years whilst RAC was under administrators. It has been difficult and challenging trying to hold the AGM’s due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we did finally get to hold them which was a relief and now brings the organisation up to date. Thank you to our board and staff for ensuring this happened.

For the financial Year 19/20 this also involved electing four (4) new board members. After undertaking the normal board nomination process we received 4 nominations for the 4 vacancies. Because the number of vacancies equalled the number of nominations no voting was required as per the constitution rules so all 4 Members were duly elected.

The RAC board now comprise the following local community members;

Greg James – Chairperson

Eric Egan – Vice chairperson

Jane Britten

Aunty Pam Pederson

Uncle Reuben Baksh

Robert Britten

Marie Barbance

The RAC board are committed to Good Governance Practises and continue to build on their skills and knowledge about the responsibilities of being a board member. RAC is a complex organisation with an annual operational budget of about $20 Million dollars and an asset register with over $40 Million in assets and Infrastructure.

The Board and Executive Team have worked hard on developing a Strategic Plan for the organisation for the period of 2020-2023.

Six key areas of focus for the plan include:

  • Our culture
  • Our relationships
  • Our team
  • Our business
  • Our organisation
  • Our future

Our health service team who have worked diligently over the past 14 months continue to ensure our community’s health needs are being met and ensuring you all have access to the flu vaccinations and COVID-19 vaccinations. Please contact the clinic if you need to have your vaccinations updated or require more information. Our health staff have readily available information for you and will assist you to make an informed decision about vaccinations.

We are currently in the planning phase to celebrate our 40th year Anniversary and should have further details out soon.  We look forward to the many activities and events that can now be held following COVID-19.

There is a lot happening around the organisation and community. Please enjoy the updates from our key service areas in the following news posts.

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